Mary's Diamonds x Artist Collaboration

General / 04 April 2020

Excited to share that my work will now be available on Mary's Diamonds as part of a special artist collaboration.
I've chosen 10 of my favourite original illustrations that can now be recreated by YOU as a diamond painting!

If you head over to the Mary's Diamonds Instagram, you have the chance to WIN yourself a FREE 40x60cm diamond painting from the Tengu Arts collection.


Colouring Pages to Battle the Boredom of Self Isolation

General / 19 March 2020
With COVID-19 running rampant, leaving most of us stuck indoors, I thought it'd be fun to create some colouring pages to keep us all entertained! These are based on some of my favourite illustrations and I'd love to see what you can do with them in colour!  

Please share and tag me if you upload the work to social media (You can use the hashtag #colorVScorona) I'd love to see it! I may even have prizes to give away to my favourites!
High res pages are available from my Patreon  
*Please do not erase the signatures on the image*

Have fun!




Life Finds A Way

General / 23 August 2019

I worked on a comic with my friend Matthew (@Nuclear Jackal) at the end of last year and it got accepted as part of the Cloudscape Anthology 'Life Finds A Way". The Book is a collection of comics from different artist, finding hope for humanities future.

Matthew came up with the short story called 'Meanwhile' and the art in the comic is drawn by myself. I was a really great collab!

The book is now on Kickstarter and if you are interested in stories that challenge the doom and gloom we often see in apocalypse stories then please check out the book here

Here's a little character concept art for the comic we worked on:


Jax the Space Cat now on Etsy

General / 27 July 2019

New keyring charm available on my Etsy

Jax is an original character of mine and he's ready to defend your keys from evil!

Tengu Arts Podcast Interview with Soundrel Media

General / 09 July 2019

I got interviewed by James over at Soundrel Media about my artwork!

Listen here or search 'Tengu Arts' on Spotify. 

I've never been on a podcast before so it was both exciting and not gonna lie, I was a little nervous! If you can get past that as well as my Scottish accent and remnants of a nasty cold then maybe you'll find it interesting to learn a little bit more about my work and about me too I guess!

I'm now on Etsy!

General / 30 June 2019

Over the years, many of you have asked if my art was available to buy as prints and I always made the promise that they would be 'soon'....SOON has finally arrived people! I'm so pleased to now offer the first set of arts from my collection which I hope to expand on more and more! 

What do you want to see on my store? Please do comment on my socials and let me know what kind of stuff you like and want to see me sell on my Etsy.

You can visit my shop here

Patrons will be entitled to discounts regularly so if you are interested in those then please check my page out! 

Thanks again for your support and I hope you enjoy your visit to my page!




Soundrel Comics #1

General / 04 June 2019

For those that haven't heard yet, I'm gonna be working with Soundrel Media on a new topical comic series! 

And the first one is out now! Check it out: 

The strip is only coming out once a month but it should be fun given the themes of the site! I especially enjoyed drawings some GOT fan art~

The owner of the site, James Bowers is also the amazing writer that I worked with a few years ago on My Dad, Death! So please check out the site if you get the chance.

The strip should be releasing on the 1st of every month and hopefully there will be more in the future!

Thanks for reading :)


I've got some cool stuff to announce soon ^__-  

I've Joined the Soundrel Media Team! 💀💀💀

General / 02 June 2019

Working once again with writer James Bowers to produce some new artwork for the site. Starting with a new comic series!
Soundrel Media focuses on movies, games and tv media plus offers some exciting podcasts.

Check out Soundrel Media here:

More soon!

KupoCon, TriPom Card Game

General / 08 May 2019

After the whirlwind adventure that was #TheWeePom in January, I was asked to create some artwork for TriPom (KupoCon's card game).

This was such a fun project and allowed me to draw more of what I love 💕 I never thought I'd ever get to do something like this so to see it happen, is like a dream come true! 🌈✨ Thanks so much KupoCon and to Alex Maine for having me work on these.

From the Edge of the Abyss...

General / 02 May 2019

I’ve never shared too much of my personal life here on my art page, but honestly, so much of what I’ve been able to achieve with my art is because of the amazing support of my family who always encourage me to keep chasing my dreams~

There was one person who always loved everything I did. She would hang my drawings on the wall, even wear them on her clothes.  She’d show them off to everyone she met (much to my embarrassment of being put in the spotlight…) That person is my Mum.

My Mum suffered from a condition called MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and since the day I was born, she gradually lost more and more mobility. I’d say it was tough growing up with that but my Mum was always so positive and content just being with family that it just became a small part of everyday life.  Even though she needed special care, she was never a burden and while I helped care for her, I was able to slowly build up Tengu Arts to where it is today. I was happy that I was able to wake up and be with everything and everyone I love every single day. 

To my absolute shock, my Mum suddenly passed away at the start of April.

It’s an understatement to say life is going to be so hard without her. I’ve lost my role model, friend, hero, Mum.  

As well as this devastating loss, I'm now faced with the likelihood that I may not be able to continue with Tengu Arts as I have up till now. I really don’t want to give up what I’ve started. Looking back at all the projects I've been a part of, all the amazing people I’ve got to work with, I want to hold onto that for as long as I can. I know my Mum would want that too.

As it happens, I was already planning on taking Tengu Arts further this year and so I had already done a lot of research into areas of interest since the end of last year. Some I had already put into action (Like doing my first Artist Alley).  However, with the nature of the commission work I do, nothing is guaranteed and so there is a huge possibility that I may need to abandon art for a job in another field. I just don't know how long I'll have to put these plans together and how successful they will be...but despite this huge unknown future, I'm going to push myself and do everything I can to keep drawing.

So while we're on the subject! If you'd like to contact me for work, you can reach me on my website ( If you'd like to support my art, I also have a Patreon ( ) and Ko-fi ( as well as my handles across social media (Instagram, ArtStation, Facebook, Deviant, Art)

Losing my Mum is hard enough to deal with but now, more than ever I need to have Tengu Arts succeed. I feel like my entire future as a freelance artist is at stake and I know there's one thing my Mum would want is for me to continue and to not give up on my dream. 


I hope I can make her proud~