Has Anybody Got a Match?

General / 04 September 2020

When a young girl discovers a lonely old grandfather dragon unable to breathe fire, she's determined to help him, even if she first must convince her family that he exists!Charming illustrations bring Linda Crowley's delightful characters to life as your children learn that it's important to care for others, even when they are very different from you. 

So a little while ago, I got the chance to work on a fantastic children's book called 'Has Anybody Got A Match', written by Linda Crowley. I'm so chuffed to share it with you as the digital version has been officially published by Annona Press! Get it HERE!

Covid has affected the release of the book but it will soon be released in paperback. I'll be sure to post a link once they are available. 

If you pick up the book, I would really appreciate if you could leave a review on Amazon to let others know what you think ^__^ 

If you want to wait for the paperback, It would still be great if you could share the book link around to help the book reach a wider audience. 

Thank you and enjoy!