DnD Character Design and Illustration

Tengu arts ishyra nasir by tengu arts

Ishyera & Nasir - Todd

Tengu arts 1

Aderyn - Natalia Agafonova

Tengu arts leaf internets

Leaf - Dan

Tengu arts 3

Akka - Yoram Van De Vall

Tengu arts final internets

Treehouse Gathering -
Rasyid Amangku

Tengu arts d d taimi

Taimi - Fury-Leika

Tengu arts 6

Laurence - Randy Schouten

Tengu arts boris comm tengu arts nternets

Tavern Gathering - Boris Herzog

Tengu arts falling remy internets

Remy - Joseph Shea

Tengu arts 8

Entho'Mere - Mitchel Alberts

Tengu arts druid tengu arts

Faramond & Petal - Dan

Tengu arts d d eyir final tengu arts

Eyir - Fury-Leika

Tengu arts 12

Flynn - Hedrik Offenberg

Tengu arts d d shira final tengu arts

Shira - Fury-Leika

Tengu arts 13

Reverence 'Remy' - Laszlo Pieper

Tengu arts d d oola development 2

Oola - Fury-Leika

Tengu arts 15

Rodas - Christiaan Bloemendaal

Tengu arts d d chance internets

Chance - Fury-Leika

Tengu arts d d kalista internets

Kakista - Fury-Leika

Tengu arts dnd dragonborn art internets

Dragonorne Family Portrait - Caitlin Margolien

Tengu arts d d melaka tengu arts

Melaka - Fury-Leika

Tengu arts d d holgrmish final internets

Holgrmish - Jeremiah Goodreau

Tengu arts d d fareeha tengu arts

Fareeha - Fury-Leika

Over the years I've had the opportunity to work on various character designs and illustrations within the DnD community. It has been an amazing experience to work with so many passionate people. These personas mean a lot to their original creators and to give something visual to characters that are so familiar yet have possibly never been seen before is always a fun and rewarding journey.