The Wee Pom

General / 12 January 2019

KupoCon is coming to Glasgow for the first time ever this month. As well as that, it's the first time I will be setting up a table at Artist Alley!

I've had so much to prepare and I still have so much to do before the 26th...But it's coming together. The best thing about it is I've had a great excuse to draw lots of fan art from one of my favourite game series! Here are some previews of arts I'll be taking along:

To be honest, putting myself out there, meeting people and talking about my art is something I rarely do so this is a big step for me~ I'm nervous but I'm mostly excited! There are so many Final Fantasy fans going and many have expressed how hyped they are to be going to KupoCon too! I'm just going to do my best and hope for the best!

Bring it on!

- Michelle
  Tengu Arts