KupoCon Complete!

News / 27 January 2019

Since I signed up last year, I really didn't know what to expect since I've never been to a KupoCon before. I've also never sold prints of my art so doing the Artist Alley was all completely new to me.

Throughout the day, I was constantly taken by surprise by the many kind people that visited my table, seeing all the incredible cosplay and just all the effort taken by the KupoCon team to make it the best day ever!

Taking on this challenge was such a huge personal achievement for me. I feel more confident in myself and my art too which is a great feeling. So all in all, an amazing day! I hope I can do something like it again soon.

My next step is setting up my Etsy store so I can make my prints available to everyone! So please look out for that.

Thanks again to everyone who visited me yesterday and to those that couldn't make it but supported me along the way.
I also have to say a huge thanks to my sister Nicola (Milk and Two) for coming with me to help out. I couldn't have done it without your help!

I hope KupoCon returns again soon! ^__^

Goodies from some of the amazing artists at the Alley: 

BluePotion, Kannter Art, Michael Philp, Akashic Studio, Ant Fantasy and Mr Echoangel.